Arnor Heidar Sigurdsson

I am a software developer and designer hailing from Iceland. Currently CTO at Pure North where we're working to improve the environment by recycling plastics and bringing the value of recycling back to the consumer.

Previously I was the CTO at Júní, a digital transformation agency in Iceland.

Before that I had a 4 year stint as a developer and the lead designer at a venture backed growth-related startup in San Francisco.


Technical know-how

  • Native Android & iOS development, as well as mobile development in React Native
  • Javascript / node.js / typescript - have been using node.js since version 0.7 - I have a lot of published unmaintained packages on NPM
  • UI frameworks such as React, Svelte, Astro, Solid.js etc
  • React frameworks/setups such as Gatsby, Next.js, CRA - CSS in JS solutions, styled components, css modules
  • CI/CD systems, unit testing etc
  • Build tools, babel, webpack, snowpack, parcel, etc
  • Java - including multi-threaded programming etc on Android
  • Server management, networking in general, DNS, email services, etc
  • CSS, SASS, postCSS, tailwind etc
  • PHP - not really anymore, but kind of

Interests and hobbies

  • Software development - It probably goes without saying
  • Making music - Both electonic music, instrumentalist, love making songs and beats, played in bands, etc
  • Analog modular music and designing my own circuits, soldering etc
  • Rock climbing - I was an avid rock climber for a few years, and visited many places around the world for rock climbing
  • Speedcubing - but i'm not very good
  • Video games, chess, speedcubing