3 things I wish somebody would create

Fri, May 14, 2010

I wish somebody would make any of the following (a few of these ideas evolve from the reports lately about Facebook's privacy issues and my general discontent with Facebook)

  1. An event planner / organizer. One that's easier to use than Facebook's events, could connect with Facebook and would sync easily with my Google calendar. I also don't like to have all my life in Facebook and would like to take baby steps in getting rid of it.
  2. A simple, easy Twitter client that works with multiple accounts easily. I've downloaded a ton now and I've tried a few web based Twitter clients (CoTweet, Seesmic, etc), but I personally think they all suck, seem heavy and clunky. An elegant solution like Twitter's interface with a few power features + multiple account support would be great.
  3. A social networking standard/protocol. So that anybody could use whatever social network they like and anybody could become friends, plan events, send messages, etc easily between social networks. Some people seem to be thinking about similar stuff, but I think we need a standard for this.
You might say "why don't you build those things?" - Because those are the kinds of apps that don't interest me other than I would be willing to use them :)

Or do those things actually exist?

Edit: Some guy who admits that he will code for beer, pointed out to me on Reddit that there is something out there called Open Social, which seems to be similar to my 3rd request. I haven't taken a close look at it, but I will need to do that.