Don't Backup your Projects

Sun, Jun 13, 2010

Quick post to remind everybody to not back anything up. You might lose all your projects and force yourself to reevaluate your priorities, reevaluate your projects and make some important decisions.

Also, rewriting stuff, even though it may seem boring, can actually be great. It forces you to do things better, you do it much quicker than your original work and I think it would help a lot of projects.

So, don't back up and suffer the consequences when you lose everything.

"What if I *don't* want to lose all my projects?"

Well, you should use some form of automatic backup to a remote site. Dropbox is great, you should use that. Automatic backup solutions, I can't recommend, since I don't have an automatic backup solution. I use dropbox for things that need to be there all the time and for other stuff I back it up manually once in a while.

I'm definitely not the best one to take advice from about backups.