Jason Nation - e-mail newsletters still have value

Fri, Jul 2, 2010

I thought e-mail newsletters were, in essence, dead. I thought no *real* value could be derived from them any more.

I subscribe to a few e-mail newsletters. Mostly of blogs and companies/services that I use. Some of them are annoying, some of them are sometimes useful, but I don't really remember learning anything useful from an e-mail newsletter.

Untill today.

Enter "Jason Nation"

I subscribed the other day to Jason Calacanis' newsletter, Jason Nation. He has sent out a few semi-interesting things. A Facebook rant etc. but yesterday he sent out a really long e-mail with helpful tips on how to get angel investors. I read every word of it and despite it's length, it was really informative, helpful and I've actually saved it as a Google Document just to make sure I can always get to it.

This has also made me reevaluate what value can be derived from e-mail. I've always assumed that people don't want to read e-mail and that e-mail is obtrusive and annoying. Well, maybe that's because nobody ever sends anything helpful out by e-mail! E-mail newsletters are always aimed at you clicking something and going somewhere else. The end objective/goal is never in the e-mail itself, so you logically get to the conclusion that e-mail has no value.

If you are interested in startups, investing, poker, the internet, etc, you should subscribe to this e-mail newsletter NOW.

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