Interesting find: Google Body Browser

Thu, Dec 16, 2010

This is a really interesting non-profit project from Google Labs.

It uses a technology called WebGL, which is open non-proprietary standard for displaying 3d graphics. It displays the graphics through HTML5's canvas element and it's only supported in beta versions of most of the browsers. That means you'll need the beta version of Firefox or Google Chrome beta.

I used Chrome beta (version 9) and it runs really well on my quad core intel machine. Some people don't want to install a beta version of a browser just to see what it looks like, so I made a video of how it works. You can view that here:


It's pretty respectful how many new innovations Google can bring to the scene without any intentions (yet) of being profitable for the company. They're innovating for the sake of innovation. It's no wonder they have so many great developers working for them.