I adhere to "Programming, Motherf****r"

Wed, Mar 23, 2011

Methodologies. Oh, methodologies. Agile, Scrum, Kanban etc. etc etc.. I'm a big opponent of those. Probably because I've never really worked within a large team of developers so I probably haven't seen a use case for those yet, but they are really popular.

They are especially popular amongst people who are not programmers. I've even seen a lot of startups here in Iceland adopt some of them, no matter if they are doing software development or not. I think it's probably healthy, up to a point, to think about what you are doing and what you should be doing. But it's important to keep it simple...

Programming, Motherf****r

So, this is probably one of the best things I've heard in a while. It's kind of programming satire by Zed Shaw, a well known punk-hacker-programmer.

From the website:

We are tired of XP, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Software Craftsmanship aka XP-Lite and anything else getting in the way of...Programming, Motherfucker.
Check out Programming, Motherf****r.

Zed Shaw

If you don't know who Zed is, he's a really interesting character and the developer behind Mongrel2 - he's also the author of an awesome Python book called Learn Python the Hard Way

You should also check out his blog.