Patrick McKenzie gives a talk about marketing to under served markets

Sat, Mar 26, 2011

Patrick McKenzie is one of the most well known users on the Hacker News website. He runs the blog Micro ISV on a shoestring (which is a name that makes almost no sense to me, but is still really good).

He runs a website called Bingo Card Creator which basically sells bingo cards to school teachers (for the most part anyways). He's also started a new venture called Appointment Reminder, which helps service providers remind their client of appointments.

Patrick's talk: Software for underserved markets

I didn't really know Patrick had started giving talks, he posted this video of a talk he gave at the Business of Software conference probably in the fall of 2010.

He talks about how we nerds are probably often way too focused on selling to other nerds, we don't think about the female market and we sell software on features instead of benefits. I think he's very correct and not only that, but I believe there's a lot of academic studies that support that view. But for some reason the software industry has been blind to this - probably because it has worked in the past where your target market was usually only tech people.

The talk is really short and sweet, so you should give it a view:

He also published the slides on his blog.