Quick update: I'm coming to Silicon Valley, launched websites, more

Sun, Apr 24, 2011

Update: I was a bit confused with which area was named what, what belonged to "Silicon Valley" and basically didn't know my San Jose from my San Francisco.. This post originally said that I was coming to San Francisco, but I'll probably spend the least amount of time there... Sorry about that :)

I've been terribly busy in the last months. I'll probably write a better summary of the work I've been doing later, but here's a quick update about what's been happening lately.

Silicon Valley here I come

I'm coming to Silicon Valley for about 10 days tomorrow, 25. april and leaving probably around the 4th. I'm going with a group of people from Klak and I'm very excited about it. We're seeing a few big tech startups, design companies and more. I've never been to the USA and I've always wanted to visit the tech hub of the world.

I'll be posting stuff on twitter regularly and hopefully on the blog.

If anybody out there reading would like to meet up, I'd be thrilled. Just send me an email to arnorhs at gmail.com

Kosmos & Kaos

I've been doing a lot of work with Kosmos & Kaos - A web agency based in Iceland but working globally around the world.

They're great designers and UX people and I've been helping out with creating HTML/CSS layouts, Wordpress, etc. As soon as more stuff is ready I'll probably post it here, but there's exciting stuff happening there.

You should follow them on Twitter: @kosmosandkaos

Klifurhúsið - climbing gym in Iceland

I did a pro bono website for a local climbing gym in Iceland, Klifurhúsið (@klifurhusid). I did the web design and the HTML/CSS layout and set it up using Wordpress. It's not completely ready yet, but it has still launched, so you can check it out.

The website's only in Icelandic at the moment, but you can still view it's glorious design (as well as nice HTML5/CSS3 code): https://klifurhusid.is

Blekholt - An Icelandic online t-shirt store.

I've been working on this website for a few months with some great people. I did the design and based off of branding work done by Thordis Claessen.

I did the design, the HTML/CSS work and set up an ecommerce solution. The website degrades pretty well into a mobile layout, which you might want to check out :)

I used a open source shopping cart called OpenCart, which is really the best one in my opinion. At least it has the best future. It's got a MVC based structure so it's easy to modify, etc. It's still pretty young, but I'm sure it will do great stuff in the future. If I'll have spare time, I'll probably contribute to it, if they'll ever move to github :)

Website: https://blekholt.is/ - Twitter: @blekholt


I've been doing a whole lot of smaller projects as well lately and on top of that I've managed to have some time for High Score coding, so I'm a few days from launching (actually hoping to do some coding while in SV).