Best vim Cheat Sheet in the World / Planet / Solar system

Fri, Sep 9, 2011

This is awesome for all Vimsters out there. A guy named Michael Pohoreski seems to have had a similar problem to almost every other vim user/beginner out there. He couldn't find a good vim cheat sheet, so he made the mother of all cheat sheets. It's damn ugly, but pretty good:

I couldn't find a good Vim cheat sheet that:
  • Listed all the useful Vim configuation/settings in one place that a programmer would be interested in using, and
  • Listed every Ctrl key combination so you could tell which keys were available for your own mapping(s).
Solution: So after looking at the Vim source, I made my own cheat sheet. The top half lists all the keys, the bottom half is organized by categories with bold entries designating common tasks. The red strike-out text above the keys show all the Ctrl keys that Vim doesn't recognize -- you can't map Caps to your favorite command(s) for example.

When I started using vim, I also couldn't find a good cheat sheet. This is definitely now the best one, although it could probably use some design work.