2021 status report

Fri, Dec 31, 2021

I ported a bunch of my npm modules to Typescript and into a monorepo.

Build tools are still a pain. Even though there are some things that have made things simpler such as Vite and snowpack.

Solid.js is pretty exciting - I have been working on some projects in solid.

I'm also excited about astro, obviously.

I want to write more blog posts in 2022.

In react land the story is finally becoming complete with Next.js 11 etc. I'm super excited about Remix as well. I'm currently pretty down on Gatsby, mostly because of how complicated it is compared to the other options, though server side rendering seems exciting.

I intend to try out:

I'm still really into netlify, although I'm looking more towards Clourflare and Cloudflare Workers right now Ultimately, I wonder what I can do to help with

Professionally I'm excited for the coming year for Júní. Still not sure what I can do or how I can be most impactful when it comes to climate change and the environment.

That is it for now.