2022 in review

Tue, Jan 3, 2023

The past couple of years have been pretty intense.

TL;DR: I picked up Rust, delved into Cloudflare pages / workers, started using zod for things you probably shouldn't. I developed simple SPA for ihlutir.is called Elska Íhluti - using solid.js and dexie.js for indexdb integration. I refactored and relaunched some of my old node.js npm packages with typescript support under arnorhs-packages... and actually the list goes on of sideprojects and more. But by far the biggest thing is that I switched jobs!

Finding meaning in work

So for the past 6 years I've been the CTO at Juní, a web design and development agency in Iceland. I'm really proud of the work we did there and the amazing team we built. Working with Gummi, who I consider a great friend, mentor and the most talented visual designer in Iceland, has been such a great experience.

But even though it was successful and fun, for me personally it lacked somewhat of a "meaning", for lack of a better term. I wanted to build something where I can have a bigger more positive impact on the world than simply trading time for money (for the most part).

(To be fair, this last statement is not 100% accurate, since participating in Digital Iceland / island.is did feel really meaningful, as in positive impact for Iceland as a whole - but i digress)

Joining Pure North Recycling

So at the start of the year I joined Pure North Recycling as the CTO. The company was founded a few years ago around mechanical recycling of plastics. It uses uses a unique geothermal process which allows for a cleaner, more carbon efficient process, and is pretty remarkable in and of its own.

More recently the company has also been developing some ideas and solutions around waste managament in general, helping other companies be more efficient with their recycling and also figuring out the value chain all the way to end consumers, etc -- which is where I come in.

There's a huge opportunity from both a business perspective and definitely from an environmental perspective of having a big impact on our planet and daily lives.

2023 growth

So I'm super excited for the coming year. We'll be expanding the company further, hiring more people - developers, waste managment experts, environmental engineers etc. The company is on a very exciting trajectory.

I'll try to write more technical posts about the technology that we're using and developing in the future. And of course, if you'd like to get in touch or participate in this crazy ride, hit me up on twitter or email.